Boost your game with the perfect amount of garlic and chili pepper

Balance is essential in Italian cuisine. It’s very important not to let one taste overpower the others. The tastes of garlic and chili pepper can be very overpowering if not used with care. So here below you will find two useful tips, popular in the Italian cooking style, that will help you represent better what we are more used to.

About garlic, after you slice the clove lengthwise in two halves, remove the green germ, and use the two halves for your dishes. When you use it raw, like in a salad, let it infuse a little and then take it out before you serve. When you fry it, place it in the oil with the cut side facing down, and after it’s caramelized remove it from the pan before losing the sight of it. Its job is done, discard it. Don’t mince it unless it’s strictly necessary for your recipe. You will see what a huge difference it will make for the taste of your dishes.

About chili pepper, things get even trickier. First of all, try the chili peppers that you are using in advance, to understand the level of spiciness they provide. Add it a little at a time and mind the seeds. Another secret to calibrate a pleasant amount of chili pepper when you are pan frying, is using only the outer skin without the seeds. Open it lengthwise and discard the seeds, before adding it to your pan. You can use the same procedure with both fresh and dried chilies. But you’ll have to be very careful to find the outer skin and fish it out from your pan before to serve. Try to isolate the chili pepper in one corner of the pan, it usually helps. Like this, your dishes will be chili-proof!

I hope you will try these techniques, I will refer again to this post in my future recipes.


003_Boost your game with the perfect quantity of garlic and pepper

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